Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ptc like clixsense

Same like clixsense : Clixsense is the one of the legit ptc site in ptc industry. But some site also have which aim to be like clixsense or neobux. I have found a legit ptc site like clixsense, which origin based on india & admin is really professional. 

In every ptc site support is a most essential part. If support is good then you can say a site can be trust worthy.  

same like clixsense

How to make money in PTC site? If you do not know how to make money in ptc sites, then i will tell you some tips by which you can earn money from ptc. 

1. Click ads regularly 
2. Try to make direct referrals 
3. When you have 50+ Referrals then upgrade your account. 
4. After first cashout try to get more referrals and upgrade your account.

How to get lots of referrals? There are few ways by which you can get referrals for your ptc programs. 

1. Make a wordpress blog and regularly update your ptc site listing with referral links and payment proof. One thing you need to consider, the blog will be looks like professional and blog address will be seo friendly. After making blog you need to promote your blog in social media platform, which is called social media marketing   

2. Promote your referral link in other ptc site. How ? Contact with ptc admin and tell him you need a onsite message for promote your referral links. Ask him that if you get good result then you will regularly advertise your referrals links through onsite message, with ptc admin can earn some money for advertisement. * It is the most effective way, i have got 500+ referrals with this formula

3. Banner advertisement, is also good for making referrals. But you need a good professional banner , and a graphics designer know how to make a professional banner by which user will attract and join your program. So contact a banner designer, do not try to make any free banner tools, because free banner maker will not give you any result. 

4. Do not try to advertise with ptc ads, because you will not get very good result and your money will be waste. 

5. Try Micro Jobs for getting more referrals. If you advertise with microjobs, and if you get 20 referrals then for sure 5 to 6 of them will be active in your ptc program, and they will be your long term down line. You can contact them every time to join your another program and they will be active in your other programs, and you can pay them a referral back for their activeness. 

6. Join ( you can try also) and go to referral deals, and you can create a deal for getting active referrals. 

When you need to Upgrade Memberships ? When you have 50+ downline & you have got one payment without any investment. Then always upgrade your account for making more money with ptc. 

All are my personal experience which will give you a good potential income in every month. 

* Note, For older site like clixsense you will get referrals slowly, for older site always try referrals deals in Emoneyspace and Talkptc. New site always give you extra profit and referrals. if you have any queries, you can comment here. 

Legit Ptc Site

Paid To Click Service : If you are searching for legit ptc site, then you are in right place. Ptc stands for Paid to click, where you have to click ads and complete mini jobs every day, and you can earn money for free. 

Now days many people fade up with scam ptc sites, but there are few sites like neobux, clixsense & buxvertise who genuinely want to pay their users. For you i have got a genuine ptc site of buxhost, which have 5 years subscription of business editions. Click the banner below and join the site. 

 ptc online income

Same like Neobux : Many people searching for a ptc site which will be legit like neobux, but the tragedy they do not find such a good site like neobux. But i can say you can join PTCOnlineIncome and you can realize it will be like neobux. 

This site have few advantages, by which you can trust the site. 

1. 5 years Business Edition Subscriptions
2. Site based on india
3. Admin is professional and have experience in this industry. 
4. Lots of earning options. Check